The central reason for becoming a member of a fraternity today still revolves around one word...brotherhood. To our undergraduate members, brotherhood means the bringing together of a large, diverse group of young men in daily living, scholastics, athletics, social functions and community service. To our alumni, brotherhood means being a part of a group who shared many outstanding experiences during a time of life that can be either the best or, in some instances, the most difficult. Brotherhood also means eagerly looking forward to returning to Vermont for events like Octoberfest because alumni know they will see some of the best friends they've ever had. On a campus as large as The University of Vermont, residence halls can be somewhat impersonal; with long lasting, close friendships limited to roommates and few others. Apartment living can be even more isolating. Acacia, provides a diverse, yet cohesive, group where lasting friendships can be made.

Interested in restarting Acacia at the University of Vermont?

We are looking for men who want to participate in their community and form a life long bond with others.

If you are one of these men, please use the Contact Us page to contact the Alumni Association.