The central reason for becoming a member of a fraternity today still revolves around one word...brotherhood. To our undergraduate members, brotherhood means the bringing together of a large, diverse group of young men in daily living, scholastics, athletics, social functions and community service. To our alumni, brotherhood means being a part of a group who shared many outstanding experiences during a time of life that can be either the best or, in some instances, the most difficult. Brotherhood also means eagerly looking forward to returning to Vermont for events like Homecoming because alumni know they will see some of the best friends they've ever had. On a campus as large as The University of Vermont, residence halls can be somewhat impersonal; with long lasting, close friendships limited to roommates and few others. Apartment living can be even more isolating. Acacia, provides a diverse, yet cohesive, group where lasting friendships can be made.

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First Step Towards Brotherhood

It all starts with pledgeship. From the moment of accepting your bid, you will begin to experience what brotherhood is all about. Relationships that last a lifetime will be built as you study and work together.

Foundation for Success

Acacia prides itself on having one of the most outstanding pledge programs among all fraternities. Scholastics are top priority. Acacia's pledge class GPA ranks among the top on campus. A major goal of pledge training is to teach successful time management. Study hours for pledges and active brothers are required. As a pledge, you will learn the rich heritage and principles that set Acacia apart from all other fraternities. It's a heritage that over 500 Vermont Acacia alumni have helped build and of which they are extremely proud.


Striving for the Best

Acacia consistently places among the top fraternities on campus in scholastics.

Athletics & Social Events

Athletic Tradition

Acacia Fraternity's athletic tradition at Vermont places it among the very best. Participating in the upper division, Acacia fields teams for all intramural sports. Acacia has been among the Greek system's top finishers in broomball, hockey, floor hockey.

Acacia provides its members with many opportunities for social development during their undergraduate years at UVM. Members enjoy the best social functions the campus has to offer.

Campus/Community Activities

Acacia has a long history of extensive involvement in organizations and special activities around the UVM campus and Burlington. Our participation in philanthropic, charitable and community activities benefits the community while preparing Acacians to be better citizens after graduation. For many young men, these community activities mark their first extensive involvement in volunteer programs. Our chapter was previously involved in The Red Cross Blood Drive, The Burlington Triathalon, the annual Acacia Haunted House for the American Diabetes Association and the American Cancer Society, The Vermont Special Olympics and many more.

Acacia Fraternity

Over 100 Years of Excellence

Acacia...a Greek word...rather than Greek letters. As a member of Acacia, you are part of an international fraternity which has chapters on university campuses throughout the U.S. and Canada. The fraternity, founded in 1904 at the University of Michigan, has its headquarters in Indianapolis, IN. If you have any questions please contact our Rush Chairman or President.