Notable Vermont Acacians

Over the course of almost 50 years, the Vermont Chapter of Acacia Fraternity has shaped and been shaped by the lives of countless men. We are proud to recognize those Vermont Acacians who have demonstrated their commitment “to take a more active part in the affairs of the community in which we may reside...” The following list is merely a snapshot of brothers who have brought Acacia to prominence. Surely this pantheon of greats will continue to grow as we restart the Vermont Chapter at UVM in the fall of 2013.



Ray W. Allen '59, UVM Alumni Council's Distinguished Service Award, UVM Athletic Hall of Fame - Cross Country Captain and Track, Former College of Agriculture Advisory Committee Member, Former Chairman of UVM's Alumni Council, owner of Allenholm Farm
Roger N. Allbee '67, Former Vermont Secretary of Agriculture, Co-Founder of Viewboost, Senior Scholar in Residence and Advisor to President on agriculture and food systems at Vermont Technical College, Member of Farm Foundation Roundtable, Chair and member of Advisory Committee to College of Agriculture Life Sciences at the University of Vermont, Member of Board of Union College and University, Board Member of Vt Folklife Center, Board Member of Grace Cottage Hospital, 2012 Vermont Agriculture Hall of Fame Inductee, Captain - US Army during Vietnam period.
Norman R. Blais '73, Attorney, former Deputy State’s Attorney for Chittenden County, Burlington City Council Member
Christopher A. Brown '74, Mechanical Engineer, UVM Athletic Hall of Fame - Skiing 
Austin "Ozzie" Cleaves '63, 1989 Vermont Dairy Farmer of the Year, Past Board President of Vermont Acacia, Inc., Town Selectman, Community Church Moderator, Past President of the Vermont Dairy Industry Association, Past Chairman of the Central Vermont Waste Management District, Past Vermonter of the Year
Dr. George C. Crooks '61, UVM Chemistry Professor Emeritus, Vermont Chapter Advisor for over 30 years, Acacia Fraternity Award of Merit Recipient '78, Acacia Fraternity Order of Pythagoras Recipient '68, Established Crooks Scholarship for Vermont Residents pursing a nursing degree at UVM, over 50 year relationship with UVM.
Wayne R. Davis '73, Vice-President at UBS Financial Services, first recipient of the UVM Outstanding Young Alumni Award, Past Acacia Alumni Corporation Treasurer, Acacia Fraternity Order of Pythagoras Recipient '88
David J. Dodge '76, Inventor, Designer and Mechanical Engineer in skiing industry, UVM Athletic Hall of Fame - Skiing, Co-Founder Dodge Ski Boots/Perfect Storm Sports Technology, LLC
Harold E. Eaton Jr. '77, Attorney, Vermont Superior Court Judge, Acacia Fraternity Order of Pythagoras Recipient '88, Past Vermont Acacia Inc. Board Member
Frank A. Gibney '75, CEO, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, President and CEO of the Gibney Family Foundation 
James T. Hall '62, State of Vermont Bank Examiner, Local Business Owner, Acacia Alumni Corporation Treasurer 63-83, Acacia Fraternity Award of Merit Recipient '80, Acacia Fraternity Order of Pythagoras Recipient '76
Dr. John B. Lane BA '59 MA '62, Educator, Director Emeritus of the Acacia Fraternity Foundation, Vermont Acacia, Inc. Board Member, Acacia Fraternity Award of Merit Recipient '98, Acacia Fraternity Order of Pythagoras Recipient '96, Borough Council Member & past Deputy Mayor, Borough Planning Commission - Chairperson, Borough Tree Commission, CAJA - regional water & sewer authority - Chairperson, Ambulance Service Director, Sons of American Legion Member
Neil H. Pelsue Jr. '62, UVM Professor and Academic Advisor for the Vermont Chapter for many years, 50-year member of the Masons and served as Worshipful Master in Blazing Star Lodge #23 - Townshend, VT and Mt. Lebanon Lodge #46 - Jamaica, VT
Timothy J. Simpson '63, UVM Athletic Hall of Fame - Cross Country, Skiing, Track and Field, A former school board member in the Town of Lyndon as well as a Lyndon Selectman, Tim was honored as Vermont Chemistry Teacher of the Year in 1986